The Version of Pixel

To be worldwide Pixel; to be pride of Chinese

Dedicated to be the leader in domestic/ international industry of photographic equipment and made “Pixel” become one of the global famous brands.

The Mission of Pixel

To create better life for people

To create value for customer, provide opportunity for employee, bring profit for shareholder, and create fortune for society.

The Spirit of Pixel

Openness: Learned wildly from others strong point, dare to try

Harmony: Cooperation and share responsibility together

Pragmatic: Pursuit efficiency and take a low profile

Innovation: Develop technology and creative mechanism

The rule of operation

Rational pursuit:

Authorized operation: Full authorized, performance-oriented

Cooperation and share: Value-oriented, share profit together

The rule of control

Centralized power with rules

Separate power with orders

Authorized power with intention

Implement power with limitation

The norm of significant relationship

Shareholder and management level: Contract operation, share the profit together

Company and employee: Interactive win-win, growing together

Company and partner: Mutual benefit and reciprocity, moving forward together

Company and society: Abide by rule of business, take responsibility

The rule of control

Respect customer: Customer-oriented, service consciousness

Inspiring potential: Positive and initiative, challenge pressure

Effective communication: Replace thinking, respect each other

Super implementation: Take responsibility, pursue efficiency

Innovative problem-solving: think positively, solve problem

The rule of control

Dedication: Fulfill duty, dare to take responsibility

Forward looking: Never meet, keep improving

Collaboration: Submit to the whole, cooperate together

Learning: modesty and diligent, practice what you learnt