• Category:Wired Timer Remote Control
  • Product Model:TC-252
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  • Release Date:2011-06-01
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  • TC-252 is a high performance Wired Timer shutter cable which is helpful for slow Bulb shoot, especially take picture of starry sky, night view and other pictures need exposure for a long time. It has the function of simple single shoot, one second continuous shoot, Bulb shoot, the customized delay shoot and Timer plan shoot. With the low power consumption, you are clear about the use condition and the timer plan.
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  • Product Function
    1. TC-252 function is single, continuous, bulb, delay shooting modes; and also timer planning shooting mode.
    2. Delay shooting can be set the time and number of shoot; delay time is 1s to 59s; number of shoot is 1 to 9999 pictures.
    3. Timer planning mode can be set the time between 0S to 99H59M59S.
    4. Different output cable can be connect with different brand camera.
    5. It can be used as normal shutter release when this product without battery.
    6. TC-252 is using LCD display to showing function, it‘s easy to understand and operate.
    7. The product surface is using high-end stain finish.
    8. The plating is inlaid around the button.

    Product Specification
    Type:Timer Remote Control
    Cable length:1.8M (Coiled style)
    Transmitter Stand-by Time:3 Years (2X AAA alkaline battery)
    Measurement (L X W X H):149 X 49.5 X 24 MM
    Weight (with battery):70.5g

    Included items
    Shutter connecting cable:1pcs
    AAA battery :2pcs
    Instruction manual:1pcs

    Connecting plug for camera mode:

    Package specification

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