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  • Category:LED Light
  • Product Model:P50
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    CRI:  Ra >96
    TLCI:  Qa: >99
    Color Temperature: 3000K-5800K
    Luminance: @0.5m 3800Lux@1m 1100Lux
    Operating Current: 4A
    Operating Voltage: DC 14-18V
    Power: Constant Power 45W (3000K=45W 5800K=45W)
    Battery Type: 2pcs of NF-550、570、750、770、950、960、970
    Frequency: 2.4GHz
    Channel: 48 Channel(1〜48)
    Group: 6 Group  (A、B、C、D、E、F)
    Distance: 50M
    Brightness Adjust: 1〜100%  and 1%、25%、50%、75%、100%
    Display: LCD 2.6”
    Dimension: 355X245X22MM
    Material: Plastic and Aluminum Alloy
    Radiator: Convection with Aluminum
    Net Weight: 1KG

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