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X800C Standard For Canon

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  • Release Date:2016-06-22
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  • Pixel X800C Standard is a Speedlite with high performance. The GN is up to 60. It has a small dimension and exact flash; the full power output and the recycle time is less than 3 sec. It can compatible with all Canon DSLR cameras. It is power saving and the full power output is up to 180 times. X800C standard adopts the design of dot matrix and temperature control that keep the parts from being burned as the temperature out of control. With the dot matrix screen of high definition, it has an exquisite appearance and the operation is simple and clear. The users can upgrade the firmware by USB Port.X800C Standard is a Speedlite that can be comparable with the original flash.
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  • Product   Specification

    GN: 60 (ISO100/200mm)

    Flash Coverage Range: 20-200mm

    Auto Zoom: Support

    Manual Zoom: Support

    Flash Mode: ETTL/M/MULT

    Stroboscopic Flash: 1-500Hz

    Wireless Flash: Optical transmission, Master/ Slave, S1/S2

    SYNC Mode: High Speed Sync, 1st Curtain Sync, 2nd Curtain Sync

    Adjustable Angle: Up/down: -7/90 degree

    Left / Right: 180 degree/180 degree

    Manual Flash: 1/128-1/1 output control (1/3rd increments)

    Recycle Time: Less than 2.5sec (1/1 full power output)

    LCD Display Screen: High definition dot matrix screen

    Internal Power Source: 4×AA size alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries (4×1.5V)

    External Interface: Hot shoe, PC port, USB port, external power port

    EV: In 1/3rd increments (±3 stops)

    FEB: In 1/3rd increments (±3 stops)

    Battery Life: 180times (1/1 flash output, with Sanyo Eneloop batteries)

    Flash tube: Ultra-long battery life design

    Overheating Warning: Multi dot matrix temperature control, battery and flash tube overheating warning

    AF-Assist Beam: Support

    Firmware Upgrade: Support

    Dimension: 78.04mm×60.50mm×193.00mm

    Weight: 408.7g (excluding batteries)

    Item Included:

    Pixel X800C  Speedlite    1

    Flash Diffuser             1

    Mini Stand                  1

    Flash Portable Bag       1

    User Manual (English)   1

    Package Specification:

    Product Code: 489 51523 50150

    Carton Size:  57.2x59.5x47cm

    Whole Weight: 15.3kg

    Carton number:20pcs

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